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Directed by Barbara Davis

November 10-19, 2023

Fri & Sat at 8:00 PM

Wed & Thu at 7:30 PM

Sun at 2:30 PM

Recent widower George Schneider is encouraged by his younger brother Leo to start dating again. This creates more angst and depression for George as he has been through a series of bad matches. Leo comes up with Jennie Malone, a soap opera actress, recently divorced from her husband of six years, and also skeptical of dating again, as a possible match. Despite their misgivings, the two hit it off and get married after a two-week whirlwind romance. Still, it’s a bumpy road for George and Jennie as they work on overcoming their hesitations while experiencing love on the rebound.

Chapter Two: About Us


George Schneider - Christopher Urig 
Jennie Malone - Christina Caruso James*
Faye Medwick - Mary Borden*
Leo Schneider - Ryan Palmer

* denotes first appearance on our mainstage 

Chapter Two: Text
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