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Saturday, June 13th at 7:30pm via Zoom!

What is Virtual Be Scene 2020?
A night of local actors performing monologues live, but due to the unprecedented 2020 pandemic and quarantine, we’ve had to reconfigure our celebration of community theater and present it virtually! 

The virtual performance will be Saturday, June 13th at 7:30pm and open to the general public as a free Zoom event.
Don’t miss this special virtual event with SCP. Enjoy your friends and celebrate the community aspect of Community Theater!

Expected Performances:

“How to Make the Perfect PBJ," written by Brian Sheldon, performed by Sean T. Baldwin
“The Vultures,” written by Justin K. Rivers, performed by Jennifer Cullen
“The System,” written by Richard Landers, performed by Dennis Skiba
“Shakespeare in Quarantine,” written and performed by Janice Walz
“Zoom Zoom,” written and performed by Benita Zahn
"A Life on Pause," written and performed by Tara Rule
“The Old Folks At Home: A Coronavirus Monologue,” written and performed by Dan Smirlock
“All the Rage,” written and performed by Stephen Henel
“Covid Timeline: A Gratitude Journal,” written and performed by Beverly Skoll
“Literally Quarantined,” written and performed by Melissa Hughes
“Stay the F*** Home,” written and performed by David E. Rook
“Dear Diary,” written by JJ Buechner, performed by Laura Graver
“A Pandemic Call,” written by Michael McDermott, performed by Connie Rowe Rauhauser