Welcome to the Schenectady Civic Players Theater Library

The following link will take you to the online catalog of the scripts in the Playhouse’s collection.


Anyone may search the database, but in order to borrow any materials, you must be a Regular Member of The Schenectady Civic Players AND have signed up to be a registered user of the Library. 


If you are already registered as a PATRON of The Playhouse Library – 

Go The Playhouse Library database address on the web. 

Sign in by clicking the PATRON button in the left pane of the main page using your email and password.  

If you are a member of The Playhouse and are NOT a registered user or not a Regular Member of The Playhouse, you are free to search, but you will need to contact to inquire about borrowing approval. 


On top of the main database, page is the search box.  Searching may be done by title or author.  (CLICK on the word TITLE to display search choices).  By clicking on the TAGS button next to the search box you will see further filters that you may apply to your search.  HINT: For the broadest list of media in the collection, avoid using any tags on your initial search.

If you type in PICNIC in the search box, the catalog will indicate if the individual play script is in the Playhouse collection, if the play appears in an anthology that Playhouse has in the collection or if the word appears anywhere in the description of the entry.  Make sure you scroll down the whole page for compete results.  

If the play is in an anthology, it will appear in the paragraph below the display detail on the book.  Before requesting the book, scan the paragraph to confirm that the play you are requesting is listed and in the volume. 

For fully filtered search results, place the item you are searching for in “quotes.” Titles and their authors that are in play anthologies will pop up if you use this method.  Keep in mind when using “quotation marks,” the database will only display exact matches to what is inside the quotation marks, so make sure to spell your requests correctly. It may be best to start your search requests without quotation marks to gather a full listing of possible matches. 


Despite what the software indicates, currently materials cannot be checked out online.  Materials may only be placed on hold for pickup. 

In order to reserve/hold books online, you must be a member of the Playhouse and be registered as a Playhouse library patron.  

If you are already registered to use the Playhouse Library, please make sure you have signed into your account to activate the hold/reserve features. Once signed in, you may request a book by clicking the ADD HOLD button from the menu under the book detail.  At the bottom of your screen a small window will appear that will track your requests. After you have completed your requests/holds, click the tab on the right side of the window labeled “complete.” The Playhouse Librarian will then be automatically notified of your request. The Librarian will collect the books from the library and then send you an email indicating when the books will be ready for pick up.  


All materials in the library are for reading or research purposes ONLY.   

No library materials may be used for production purposes.  

No library materials may be marked up, taken apart,or altered in ANY way.   

Books circulate for a period of 4 weeks.  Renewals are permissible. 

Lost or damaged books will result in a charge for replacement and/or a loss of lending privileges.  

By borrowing books from The Playhouse Library you agree to all of the above regulations and agree that any misuse of Library materials may result in a loss of borrowing privileges. 

If you need further assistance check out for help with the software. 


If the book listed has a notation of IN MANUSCRIPT ONLY or ADDITIONAL COPY IN MANUSCRIPT, this indicates that there is a photocopy of the script available. 

If the book listed has a notation of SPECIAL COLLECTION, this indicates that the script is in poor shape and/or out of print and must be handled with special care.  Mostof the plays denoted with “special collection” are in the public domain and may be available for download thru various sources – Internet archive, ProjectGutenberg, etc …  The individual condition of these items will dictate whether or not the material may be circulated or not. 

If the show has been PRODUCED AT THE PLAYHOUSE in a fully staged production, the date of the production will be indicated in the record. 


Greek, Jacobean, Restoration plays and the works of Shakespeareare not listed in the catalogue as most of these are available for download online.  

If you are looking for production requirements (cast size, set needs or licensing/availability), you will need to determine who holds the rights.  In most cases, the publisher’s information in the catalogue indicates who holds the performance rights.  Please be aware that sometimes, plays switch licensing houses (especially plays published prior to 1960) so if the play you are searching for doesn’t appear at the listed site, try one of the other licensing houses below. 

Samuel French (US) -

Samuel French (UK) -

Dramatists Play Service -

Dramatic Publishing Company -

Playscripts -

Broadway Play Publishing -

Additional houses which license musicals: 

Musical Theater International -

Tams-Witmark -

Rodgers and Hammerstein Group -

Theatrical Rights Worldwide -

Stage Rights -