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July 19-28, 2024
Auditions: May 21 & 23, 2024

In that most idealized period of 20th-century America, the Eisenhower years of the 1950s, the Pazinski family has a lot going on in their cramped Buffalo apartment.  The youngest of the bunch, 12 year-Rudy is a smart, wise-cracking kid who’s starting to question family values and the Roman Catholic Church.  When Rudy goes up against the ruler-wielding Sister Clarissa and announces that instead of being confirmed he’d rather shop around for a more “fun” religion, all hell breaks loose.  A warm and hilarious look at family growing up, and God.

Over the Tavern by Tom Dudzick: News


May 21 & 23, 2024
Signup at 7:15 PM - Auditions at 7:30 PM

Available Roles (all are Catholic; ages listed are approximate):

Georgie Pazinksi, a mentally challenged 13-year-old boy

Rudy Pazinski, a 12-year-old boy reluctantly preparing for his Confirmation

Eddie Pazinski, a 15-year-old boy, a bit of a hard case for his parents but the possessor of a heart of gold

Annie Pazinski, a shy, 16-year-old girl who feels doomed to a life of spinsterhood

Chet Pazinski, a man in his mid-40s, the owner of the tavern

Ellen Pazinski, a woman in her early 40s, Chet’s wife

Sister Clarissa, 70 years old, a nun and teacher

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