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Directed by Cristine M. Loffredo
Mar 20-22 & 25-29, 2020
Auditions: Jan 7 & 9, 2020

We want to believe that serendipity brings us together, but is that just a myth? Mining the comedy of missed connections, THIS RANDOM WORLD asks the serious question of how often we travel parallel paths through the world without noticing. From an ailing woman who plans one final trip, to her daughter planning one great escape and her son falling prey to a prank gone wrong, this funny, intimate, and heartbreaking play explores the lives that may be happening just out of reach of our own.



Synopsis: Following a web of characters whose interwoven lives collide but never quite connect, This Random World is a charming, intimate meditation on the power of chance and how we might be closer to each other than we’ll ever know. 


Scottie Ward: Female, 70+

She is private, quite withheld, intelligent, dry-witted, formal, but not a classic matriarch; she is sassy, feisty, enjoys a full, enriched world beyond the knowledge of her children. 

Tim Ward: Male, 30+/-

His girlfriend has broken up with him, his work is not going well, he is trying to figure things out. At his sister’s suggestion he puts a fake obituary into the paper and then can’t seem to take it back. He is sweet, a bit of a loser, still struggling to find himself, but it’s time he grows up. 

Beth Ward: Female, 38+/-

Scottie’s daughter. Generally obsessed with controlling her life and her death. She is about to travel to Nepal, to go off the radar and (maybe) to let go of control. Her defense is her best offense. She is appealing, like able, but a lot to handle. 

Bernadette: Female, 30-49

Scottie’s aide. She is competent, reserved, but has energy and determination. 

Rhonda: Female, 25-30-ish

Bernadette’s younger sister. She has become mystical since her mother’s passing. She wants to believe in more than just this life. Misses her mother. 

Claire: Female, 30+/-

Tim’s ex-girlfriend. She never quite moved on after they ended their high school romance (because it was the practical thing to do at the time). She is strong and confident, not a fragile flower but has a bit of guile, hides the noise around her. She has a slightly haunting quality. 

Gary: Male, 35-45

Claire’s ex-boyfriend. He breaks up with her because she can not live in the present. He takes a trip to Nepal in order to find excitement, but it doesn’t work out well for him. 

All races and ethnicities encouraged