Oct 13 – 15 and 18 – 22, 2017

Fri & Sat @ 8:00 PM / Wed & Thu @ 7:30 PM / Sun @ 2:30 PM

The scene is a sprawling farmhouse in rural Missouri, which is home to Ken, a legless Vietnam veteran, and his lover, Jed, a horticulturist. They are visited by Ken’s sister, June, and her teenage daughter, and by Gwen and John—the former a hard-drinking, pill-popping heiress who aspires to be a rock star, the latter her wary-eyed husband and manager. All are old friends from college days, and former activists who agitated for what they hoped would be a better world. The action centers on Gwen’s offer to buy the farm, which she plans to convert into a recording center, and on Ken’s Aunt Sally, who has come to the family homestead to scatter the ashes of her late husband. Their talk, as the play progresses, is sharp and funny and, in the final essence, deeply revealing of lost hopes and dreams and of the bitterness that must be fought back if one is to perceive the good that life can offer.

The FIFTH OF JULY contains adult language and mature themes.


  • Ken ... Michael Glantzis

  • Jed ... Andrew Vroman

  • Gwen ... Cristine M. Loffredo

  • John ... Robin MacDuffie

  • Sally ... Joanne Westervelt

  • June ... Sara Paupini

  • Shirley ... Sarah Durocher

  • Weston ... David Quinones