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by Jean Giraudoux, adapted by Maurice Valency

Directed by Chris Howard

Oct 12-14 & 17-21, 2018

Fri & Sat @ 8:00 PM / Wed & Thu @ 7:30 PM / Sun @ 2:30 PM

The story takes place in Paris, "a little before noon in the Spring of next year". Act 1 is set in a sidewalk café where the waitress, assorted customers, a ragman, a street musician, a juggler, a deaf child and peddlers mingle with a Corporation President, a Baron, a prospector and a broker. The business people are intent on bombing the office of the City Planner and drilling for oil throughout Paris.  Act 2 takes place in the ancient cellar of Countess Aurelia-the Madwoman. She gathers her friends together for tea and a mock trial to save Paris from destruction. Her first step is to ask the sewer man for the secret of the moving stone.

FEATURING (in order of appearance)

Deaf Child - Macy Williams

Street Musician - David Barnert

Irma the Waitress - Siobhan Shea

Ragpicker - Fred Sirois

Prospector (Adolphe Bertaut 3) - Robert Hegeman

Little Boy - Kaleb Bermudez

Little Boy’s Papa (Oil Man 4) - Matt Bermudez

Little Girl - Amelia Hughes

Little Girl’s Mama (2nd Press Agent) - Melissa Hughes

Little Man (Sewer Man, Oil Man 3) - John Quinan

The President - Robin MacDuffie

The Baron (Oil man 1, Adolphe Bertaut 1) - Steven Leifer

The Broker (1st Press Agent) - Alan Angelo

The Countess Aurelia- Madwoman of Chaillot - Lucy Breyer

Juggler (3rd Press Agent) - Daniel Weiner

Policeman (Oil Man 2, Adolphe Bertaut 2) - Scott Colehamer

Pierre - Ryan Gillotti

Countess Constance - Melissa Brown

Countess Gabrielle - Christine Vermilyea

Countess Josephine - Susan Katz

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